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Ethiopia is an emerging and surprising travel destination offering a wide range of attractions such as 3000 years back history, untouched culture of the people, nature, Landscape from the highest mountain in Ethiopia Simen mountain to the lowest area the Denakil depression .Ethiopia is also known for being the cradle of human being, the only un colonized African nation, and the seat of African Union.

Ehtiopia has many cultural, historical and natural attractions which satisfy the need of clients.

We are a professional registered tour operation company based in Ethiopia, offering guests a rare opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Ethiopian attractions.

We are committed to offer a unique quality of experience; hospitality and specialized tailor made tours here at the cradle of human being and the born place of coffee, Ethiopia.

The team of Ghion’s staff is dedicated and committed to giving the best tailor made programs based around each clientele special interest, time scale, budget and requirements without compromising the standard of service you expect.

When you travel with us to Ethiopia it is for a true experience with a memory of treasure in your life!


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