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 About Adventure Tours Ethiopia

Adventure Tour In Ethiopia With Ghion Travel & Tours

With a very friendly atmosphere, picturesque national parks, fascinating tribes and a country brimming with history, Ethiopia is a nation that’s as diverse as one can find in Africa.

Ethiopia is also home to many dramatic & varied landscapes in the world. The north features exceptional mountains & highlands, encompassing the awe-inspiring Simie Mountains National Park which boasts an amazing range of wildlife. The eastern part features huge lowland deserts & depressions, whereas the south boasts lush valleys & splendid lakes. On the whole, you can say Ethiopia is a perfect country if you love adventure all the way.

Our adventure tours in Ethiopia include the following places:

Omo Valley National Park:

One of Ethiopia’s most isolated parks, The Omo Valley makes it pretty appealing to adventure travelers of any level. The roads aren’t the very best, so get ready to rough it.

Home to animals such as hippopotamus, the Omo Valley is best known for the number of endemic tribes residing here. We will take you through some villages avail here and provide you an opportunity to meet some of the tribes living here, especially the Mursi, also known as the lip-disc tribe.

Bale Mountains National Park:

Made up of a 4,000 meters plateau, soaring peaks, glacial lakes and unmapped woodlands, the Bale Mountains National Park can be discovered via car, on foot or on a horseback. If you are after the beautiful wildlife of Ethiopia, here you get the chance to see monkeys, wolves and more than three-hundred bird species.

The Simien Mountains:

A supernatural landscape of plateaus, peaks, valleys and cliffs, the Simien Mountains is a great destination for trekking adventure. Furthermore, it includes sulphur springs,volcanoes, and salt lakes of the mesmerizing Danakil Depression.

Our trekking adventure in Simien Mountains is based around the more fertile upland plateau, where we stroll through the tiny villages & terraced fields of the lower valleys prior to reaching a string of spectacular cliffs & escarpments. We will also take you to the lowlands to enjoy an incredible sighting of these mountains and a chance to intermingle with local folks in the villages.

However, our adventure tours in Ethiopia are not limited to these above mentioned three places only. Several other places can be added to your itinerary according to the budget and time you have in your hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now for the extreme adventure in the land of Ethiopia.