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 About Omo Valley Tribes

Witness The Fascinating Omo Valley Tribes With Ghion Travel & Tours

Lies close to the borders of Sudan and Kenya, the Omo Valley brings tourists a mixture of tradition, culture, and terrain.A trip to the Omo Valley is a voyage into one of the last undiscovered frontiers of Africa, where travelers are still a scarcity and the wildlife is still pretty wild. Furthermore, the Omo Valley is home to some really unchanged tribes that are far away from the civilized world.

Here you will come to see a colorful blend of tribes practicing an assortment of pastoralism, cattle herding, and sustenance agriculture. You will also come across more than ten tribes in the Omo Valley walking around as wanderers in their habitats with their cattle. Each tribe has their own unique hairstyle, costumes, body tattoo, ornament, music, dance, and social structure: a haven for anthropological research & study. We also offer you a chance to visit the vibrant local marketplaces where you get to see the local folks buying & selling their agricultural stuff and different items like a garment, household goods and so on.

The highlights of our South Ethiopia Omo Valley Tribes tour:

  • Meeting the Ari, Dorze, Bana, Karo, Hamer, Mursi and other tribes live here
  • Checking in the weekly marketplaces at Dimeka, Key Aferand Turmi
  • Discovering the natural spectacles of the Great African Rift Valley
  • Camping next to the tribal villages
  • Ambling through the isolated Buska Mountains

With our exceptional itinerary and travel plan, we bring travelers a great chance to meet some of a fascinating tribes surrounding the Omo River. Call us now to arrange a trip to one of the most bizarre yet interesting places on the planet earth.