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 About Culture Tour Ethiopia

Get a Great Introduction To The Variety Of People Living In Ethiopia With a Cultural Tour

Ethiopia is a land of discovery and great antiquity, with a tradition and culture dating back more than three-thousand years. The travelers in Ethiopia will make a voyage through time, transported by lovely monuments and the relics of edifices constructed long centuries before.

Like several other African nations, Ethiopia is multi-cultural country. The differences can be seen in the number of languages spoken - a surprising 83, falling into 4 major language groups: Omotic, Cushitic, Semitic and Nilo-Saharan.

Culture Tour in Ethiopia with Ghion Travel & Tours:

We offer culture tour in Ethiopia that gives our guests a great introduction to the variety of people residing in this country. Our extensive portfolio of itinerary takes you to another world of discovery as we commit quality time with the various ethnic groups residing here that encompass the Dorze, Arbore, Konso, Dassanech, Hamar, Tsamay, Ari, Sidamo and Borana. Our culture tour also takes you to provinces of extraordinary natural splendor as we explore Nech Sar, Shala-Abiata, Bale Mountains, Mago and Awash National Parks.

We can also add trips to some of the most crucial historic sites of Ethiopia - from the contemporary capital city Addis Abada to the popular monasteries of Lake Tana close to Bahir Dar & the Gothic capital Gondar. You also get the opportunity to witness the most popular rock-hewn churches of Lalibela - which is one of the major highlights of our culture tour in Ethiopia.

Our culture tours in Ethiopia can be customized for any duration you want. Contact us now for more information regarding our itineraries and prices.