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 About Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia

Tour Bale Mountains To Experience The Wilder Side of Ethiopia

If you want to see Ethiopia’s indigenous mammals & birds and experience unbeatable mountain walking, then it’s the Bale Mountains where you should be.With its gallant boundaries, the Bale Mountain National Park is the only natural-conservation area left in entire Africa sustaining its unique flora & fauna with considerably untroubled examples of vegetation zones & the longest afro-alpine plain land in Africa. It’s a site where travelers come to let loose while driving amidst the picturesque mountain chains and amazing wildlife, for example, the ancient basalt mountains that are known to be a fostering ground for the mammoth bearded vultures called as Lammergevers.

Flora & Fauna To be Explored During Your Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia:

In Bale, you will come to see larger varieties of flora & fauna, with the fauna mainly encompassing the Menelik’s Bushbuck, Mountain Nyala, Boohr Reedbuck, Ethiopian Wolf, Klipspringer, Warthog, etc. Here you also get to see endemic mammals such as Bale monkeys, Starck’s hare, Nikolaus mouse, white-footed rat, white-tailed rat,etc.

Endemic & Non-Endmeic Bird Watching:

The endemic birds you will get to see inside the park include Abyssinian longclaw, Abyssinian catbird, Spot-breasted plover, Golden-backed woodpecker, Black-headed siskin and a yellow-fronted parrot. Another bird species those once happen to be endemic encompasses Blue-winged goose, Watteld ibis, white-collard pigeon, Rouget’s rail, Black-winged lovebirds, white-winged cliff-chat, thick-billed raven and black-headed forest oriole.

Trekking Options:

The Bale Mountain Park provides superb trekking options for tourists who likes a bit mountain climbing during their vacation. Our customized itineraries will take travelers on a pulsating trek across the Bale Mountains whose landscapes are no less to heaven. The landscapes are so beautiful that after just 2 days of trekking you’ll start to marvel why you had not thought of touring Ethiopia before.

We can arrange 4-days trekking tours with camping at Wassema, Kotera and Gebreguracha camp-sites. This trek will take hikers through the uplands, crossing Batu Mountain, mounting Tullu Deemtu (the highest summit in the Bale Mountains),and a stroll through Sanetti Plateau. The panoramas are simply incredible and very photogenic.

For customized Bale Mountains Tours in Ethiopia, feel free to contact Ghion Travel & Tours. We are a passionate team of travel professionals who understands Ethiopia bit by bit. For any help, feel free to reach us at +251 11 550 55 66.