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 About Danaki Depression Tour Ethiopia

Danaki Depression Tour of Ethiopia - Journey To The Lowest Point On The African Subcontinent

With more than thirty dormant & active volcanoes, the Danaki Depression is renowned as a geological wonder. In opposite to the cool, moderate Ethiopian uplands, it’s one of the hottest, driest and lowest places on the planet. It features a couple of records encompassing the hottest standard annual temperature (118 degree F during the dry months ) and the lowest point (509 feet below sea level) on the African continent. However, this shouldn’t stop you from exploring the Danaki Depression as the tour is packed with adventure and certainly one that you’ll never forget.

Customized Danaki Depression Tour of Ethiopia With Ghion Travel & Tours:

At Ghion Travel & Tours, our objective is to design luxurious yet budget-friendly Danaki Depression tours that are personalized to your needs, by designing creative itineraries. The major highlights of our Danaki Depression tour include witnessing the active volcano lave Lake of Ertale, the Afar Tribe, the Dallol Depression, Lake Asal, Lake Afdera and the Camel Caravans of the Tigray Tribe.

Our Danaki Depression tour of Ethiopia can be accomplished from a minimum of 3-days to as long as 17-days. Nevertheless, if you’re time constrained, we can arrange a five-day trip that covers all the attractions.

If you prefer, the Danaki Depression tour can also be combined with some of the most popular Ethiopia attractions (Axum, Gonder, Bahirdar, Lalibela, Al Negashi and Harar) with the Awash National Park Bale Mountains, Semen Mountains National Park and the Omo Valley Ethiopia tribal route.

If you want to customize your Danaki Depression tour, then don’t hesitate to let us know your requirement. We will try our best customize an itinerary that best fit your budget and requirements. For any inquiry, reach us at +251 11 550 55 66 or email us your inquiry at