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 About Simien Mountains Trekking

Simien Mountains Trekking - Venture Into The Real Wild Side Of Ethiopia

Trekking the Simien Mountains is an incredible experience as it provides visitors with the splendid sights of mesmerizing jagged peaks & sharp cliff, and also the opportunity to witness some endemic wildlife like the endangered Ethiopian wolf & the subtle Walia Ibex. Demanding enough for majority hill-walkers, this hike can be relished by hikers with different degrees of experience & fitness.

Major Highlights of Simien Mountains Trekking:

  • Spotting the elegant WalliaIbex enclosed by the stunning mountain vista and capturing that perfect picture before it runs away from your sight.
  • Trek to the peak of Ras Dashen (4620m), the highest peak of Ethiopia.
  • Relishing the 360-degreevistas at Imet Gogo and wondering at the cliffy trails that local people navigate to cross the ridge.
  • Visit unchanged Amharvillages
  • A chance to explore some of the unexplored routes.
  • Highland & lowland experience.
  • Seeing the coffee beans roasting on top of the fire in a non-civilized mud & straw village hut.

Simien Mountains Trekking With Ghion Travel & Tours:

Ghion Travel & Tours arranges treks to the Simien Mountains either from Addis Adaba or from Debark. We generally suggest a five-day hike in Simien Mountains which offers an additional day at Geech Camp to discover Imet Gogo & an additional day at Chenek to witness Mount Bauhit for a sense of accomplishment before coming back to Gonder. The 4-day option pursues the same path as the five-days hike, but with fewer time to relish the stance from Geech Camp. The 3-day trek is actually a compromise as it does not cover the expanse from Geech-Cheenek Camp which undeniably provides the finest views and no doubt gives a better opportunity to spot Wallia Ibex.

Thousands of travelers have enjoyed Simien Mountains trekking with Ghion Travel & Tours. Now it is your turn! Give us a chance and we assure you will explore the best side of Ethiopia with us.