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 About Festival Tours

Go Back In Time With Customized Festival Tour In Ethiopia.

The country Ethiopia is where a great number of cultural festivals come together to form an engrossing land. Its cultural multifariousness has been active since the starting of time and is incredibly unique.

With above 80 diverse cultural groups dwelling collectively with a custom as old as mankind itself, Ethiopia is a point where culture met. In this nation, you’ll discover yourself so drastically taken back in time.

As far as festival tours in Ethiopia are concerned, we can customize our itinerary according to your convenience. Here’s a basic of our festival tours in Ethiopia:

Ethiopian Easter Festival Tour:

Join us for this trip to witness the ancient way of rejoicing Easter and exploring the sphere of the age-old Ethiopians. Venture back in time to commemorate Easter in the manner it has been celebrated centuries back. You’ll be astounded to see how age-old historical traditions & unique African civilization have been sustained in an unbelievable manner.

Ethiopian Christmas Festival Tour:

This is a cultural voyage to Ethiopia’s Historic Route. Venture back in time to discover thousands of years of history, lore and legend as you take this trip to witness the most vibrant & ancient festivals commemorated around the rock-hewn cathedrals of Laibela.

Timket Festival Tour:

On this trip, you’re fortunate to witness Timket Festival - one of the ancient and most colorful festivals commemorated in Ethiopia. Remembering the immersion of Jesus Christ, this’s an exceedingly vibrant 3-day festival commemorated on the calendar of Ethiopia.

Sebaratamu Festival Tour:

This tour gives you the chance to witness one of the most colorful carnivals celebrated in Ethiopia. Though this carnival is less renowned but equally engrossing as the Timket Festival. It’s celebrated around the most popular rock-hewn church, St George following one week of Timket Festival.

Meskel Festival Tour:

Join us for this festival tour to explore 1600 years of the culture of Ethiopia. You can witness a lot of dancing, feasting, and massive bone-fire while attending this festival. This festival tour also offers you with a realistic picture of the 3000-years historical ambiguities and Ethiopian monuments encompassing the temple of Yeha, the steels of Axum, Palace of Queen of Sheba and the incredible rock-hewn cathedrals of Lalibela.

Ethiopia’s festivals provide a true insight into the significance of religion and tradition, and you’re certain to be astounded by the considerable number of pilgrim travel this country every year.

To enjoy this wonderful experience first-hand, let Ghion Travel & Tours customize your next Ethiopia festival tour in Ethiopia. If you have any special requirement, e-mail us at